9 Best Car Accessories For Older Vehicles

9 Best Car Accessories For Older Vehicles
Posted on 27th, Sep 23

Classic vehicles have an undeniable allure – the nostalgic designs, the roar of a well-maintained engine and the memories associated with them. However, modern times come with modern conveniences. Integrating some of today’s advancements can elevate the driving experience of these older gems. In this article we are going to understand what car accessories are great for older vehicles.

Benefits Of Accessorizing Older Vehicles

Outfitting a classic car with contemporary accessories isn’t about compromising its charm. It’s about enhancing its utility and safety. Modern accessories can:

Enhance Functionality: Bringing new-age convenience to vintage style. Modern accessories like GPS navigation, Bluetooth integration, and advanced entertainment systems bring the best of today’s technology to yesterday’s vehicles. This fusion ensures that while you’re cruising down memory lane, you aren’t left without the conveniences of the modern age.

Improve Safety Measures: Incorporating today’s safety tech can prevent potential accidents. By upgrading to LED or adaptive headlights, older vehicles can benefit from brighter and more energy-efficient lighting

Prolong Vehicle Lifespan: Modern additions can decrease wear and tear. Modern oil and lubrication technologies can enhance engine performance and longevity.

Boost Resale Value: Upgraded classics can fetch a better market price. The integration of these features demonstrates the care and attention given to the vehicle. It makes it more appealing to potential buyers.

List Of Best Car Accessories For Older Vehicles

The list below shows some of the best car accessories that are best for all older vehicles:

Bluetooth Car Kit: No need for messy wires or changing the car’s original radio. Bluetooth kits allow drivers to stream music, take calls hands-free, and even integrate with voice assistants.

Backup Camera: Safety first! A backup camera provides an extra set of eyes, especially useful in vehicles designed without today’s visibility standards. Most kits are easy to install and come with weatherproof cameras.

USB Charger and Adapter: In the smartphone era, having a charging port is indispensable. Simple adapters can convert cigarette lighter ports into USB charging points. It ensures devices remain charged on the go.

GPS Navigation System: Swap out the old paper maps for a sleek GPS system. Many modern GPS units come with real-time traffic updates, ensuring you get to your destination via the quickest route.

Upgraded Sound System: Older cars weren’t designed with today’s music quality in mind. Upgrading to a modern sound system can make road trips more enjoyable, offering crisp sound quality without changing the car’s original aesthetic.

LED Headlights: Brighter and more energy-efficient than traditional halogen bulbs, LED headlights enhance visibility and give the car a refreshed look.

Dash Mat: The Australian sun can be harsh on old dashboards. Dash mats protect against UV rays, preventing cracks and fading while also adding a touch of sophistication.

Modern Security System: Secure your prized possession with an up-to-date security system. Features like remote locking, engine immobilizers, and alarms can deter potential thieves.

Seat Covers & Cushions: Protect those vintage seats and add a touch of comfort. Modern seat covers come in various materials, and cushions can make long drives more bearable.

Things To Consider Before Accessorizing

Before diving into upgrades, keep a few things in mind:

Compatibility: Not all modern accessories fit or work well with classic models. Research and confirm that the accessory can be integrated seamlessly into your vehicle model.

Budget: Set a clear budget to avoid overspending. It helps to prioritize the accessories you need over those you want. Sometimes, investing a little more in a high-quality accessory can save you money in the long run. It even helps avoiding frequent replacements.

Installation: Some accessories may require professional installation. The retro-fitting modern tech into classic cars can sometimes require alterations. It might not always be reversible.

Warranty & Quality: Opt for high-quality products with good warranties to get the best value for your money. This is fundamental to prioritize products from reputable brands or suppliers.


At Metro Car Removals, we understand the value of preserving the charm of yesteryears while welcoming today’s advancements. With the right accessories, your classic car can not only retain its timeless appeal but also offer enhanced functionality, making every drive a delightful experience. We celebrate the art of revitalizing classic cars and ensuring they continue to stand as testaments to automotive history, combining the best of both worlds for enthusiasts and collectors alike.