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Paying For Trucks, Utes, SUVs, Vans, and 4wds- Get Cash up to $9000 at your door Only!

If you’re looking to sell your car Adelaide, you must know who is the right buyer for you. Do you live in Adelaide, South Australia and want to sell your old car or any other vehicle as soon as possible? Then you’re the right place where we can buy your car easily.

Adelaide Sell My Car

Where To Sell Your Unwanted Cars In Adelaide For More Cash?

Metro Car Removals are the top buyers of all types of old vehicles ( Car, Vans, SUV’s, 4wd’s and Trucks) and available at your door now. We are one of the trusted citywide car removal services and have been more than 20 years in the same business. Our prices for your car will be unbeatable and time-saving.

Adelaide’s Top Used Car Buyer

Cash For Cars Adelaide is a top & instant paying car removal service that pays top dollar at the time of towing your vehicle. It is so simple and three step process-

  1. Call on 0459 594 368  For Free obligation quote.
  2. If you think the quote is suitable for you, our team with tow truck will reach your address. You have to show the required documents and that paperwork will never take more than 20 mins.
  3. At the time of collecting your scrap car, you can count the money that you agreed with. Now you have done and finally, the car has been sold.

Connect us- wrecked cars, accident cars, used cars, broken cars, rusted and damaged cars or any other condition of the vehicle. As we’re one of the old dismantlers in Adelaide, so the customer can easily reach to us for getting used car parts for their old vehicles.

Get in touch with us on 0459 594 368 for a free cash offer on your damaged vehicle.

Sell my car that is not good enough to be used on the road any longer

Cars have become an essential part of people’s existence. People usually travel the distance from one place to another by using a vehicle. Of late the trend of having personal cars has taken over the market. With the availability of easy EMIs and cars of all prices, it has become elementary for customers to choose a vehicle according to their preference and budget.

You Can sell your unrepairable car

However, cars also have a service life like all other articles. Customers cannot expect a vehicle to work throughout their lifetime. Initially, the owners may agree to repair and maintain the car, but when the cost of repair becomes too expensive, it becomes difficult to continue using the vehicle. Moreover, it is also risky for owners to drive such cars without repairing them, as they may cause accidents and harm the driver or the others on the road.

Location of Services-

Under such circumstances, it is always preferable to sell the car. Car removals are available in almost every location across the region because they always reach to customers location. They provide services that help owners to get rid of their vehicles quickly and conveniently. Car owners can now sell their old and damaged cars at attractive prices. The car wreckers offer good cash in exchange for all types of vehicles. The brand and condition of the car do not matter much to the wreckers.

Our Wreckyard Locations-

Car Removals GawlerLonsdaleSalisbury

The car buyers take special care to provide all the necessary facilities to the old car owners. They accept cars with damaged parts or non-functioning vehicles as well. They deal with all cars of kinds including SUVs, Ute, Vans, Mazda, etc. Customers can be sure that the wreckers will pay them the best price in the market.

On Call Payout

To avail of the wreckers’ services, the individual has to call the firm and inform them that they are interested in selling their car. The wreckers can either pay for the entire vehicle, or they may dismantle the car and pay for each part. Dismantling the car can be more profitable for the owner. Moreover, it also helps in recycling old cars and reducing unnecessary production and wastage.

Free Pickup- No Car Pictures Required

The car owners do not even have to take the trouble of bringing the car to the buyer’s centre. They can receive a quote of the price for the vehicle by contacting the firm on the phone. The junkyard also provides free picking up services to make the process convenient for the sellers.

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