Car Disposal Notice SA

Car Disposal Notice SA
Posted on 26th, Jul 21

If you are planning to sell or dispose of your vehicle, it’s recommendable to Lodge a car disposal notice in SA; otherwise, you will be responsible for all the parking and other driving offenses. A new owner of the vehicle must transfer the registration of their cars in their name. If you are not interested in transferring the registration to a new owner, you can cancel your registration. But do it within seven days instead.

Don’t ever let yourself put into trouble because of the irresponsible use of Previous Vehicles. If your car is no longer yours, it’s better off to inform the South Australian government at  instantly.

When To Lodge a Car Disposal Notice in South Australia

Submitting the Car Disposal Notice in SA is essential, especially when you no longer own the car; however, it belongs to another person. There are several reasons when people don’t own the vehicle i.e.

  • When the vehicle has become abandoned or wrecked & has sold to a wrecking company
  • When the car is taken by insurance or any other party
  • If the vehicle has been stolen or sold
  • If the car is sold to Cash for Cars & Car Removal Business in SA

So, for whatever reason, your car is not yours now; however, someone else now is responsible for all the expenses & repairs of the vehicle. Right? For the former vehicle, one needs to report to the appropriate South Australian government department or can report the car to Service SA.

Sold Your Old or Unregistered Vehicle But haven’t cancel the registration yet? If that’s the case, cancel it right away to avoid unnecessary fines. If you want to cancel a registration online, you must have a mySA GOV account.

Why Should One Need to Inform the transfer of ownership of the old car to South Australia Government?

Have you sold your scrap or old vehicle in South Australia? Did you cancel the Car Disposal Notice SA? Wouldn’t it become complicated if you held accountable for all the criminal or accidental activities are done by the new car owner? How will you prove your innocence ahead of government transport institutions or courts? There might be the case when the new owner of your former car is not following the transport/road rules. In this case, you could need to pay all the fines or penalties imposed on your vehicle even though you could be charged higher on being careless with your responsibilities regarding the old car.

How to Submit the Car Disposal Notice?

One can Notify Service SA online using a mySA GOV account & there are no hidden fees involved in this process. What you all need to for the scrap or old car disposal in South Australia is mentioned below-

All The Buyer’s Information & Date of birth Date & Time of the sale & The Selling Price

  • South Australian driver’s license
  • Client Number
  • First & last name

If you don’t have the buyer’s details, or it might be the case that you have sold the vehicle interstate, there are other ways to lodge a notice.

So, you can Scan the completed disposal notice & then email it to If you want to submit in person, take the ready paperwork documents to the Service SA customer service centre. Furthermore, if anyone wants to post, you can send the completed disposal notice to:

Service SA

GPO Box 1533

Adelaide SA 5001

This way, you can issue the Car Disposal Notice SA & save yourself from huge penalties & punishments of jail.


What is Notice of Vehicle Disposal In SA?

The Car Disposal Notice SA means that you are no longer the car owner as you have sold it or dispose of it in South Australia. After Issuing the notice of car disposal, you won’t be held accountable for any expense related to that vehicle anymore. Therefore, Lodging the Disposal Notice is a need of an hour.

How to Write the Notice of Car Disposal?

  1. Enter your Full & Last Name
  2. Enter your NSW Driver licence or Photocard number.
  3. Enter your Card number Available on your NSW Driver licence or Photocard.
  4. Now Click on Continue to proceed further.
  5. The successful authentication is placed, now you will be taken to the Vehicle details screen where you must have your Plate and Vin/Chassis number.

What if I don’t want to bear all the hassles of Disposal Notice in Sa?

In this situation, you can reach out to a professional & licensed car removal company that offers the Best cash for all cars regardless of any condition and completed all the paperwork, including car disposal notice in SA. There is no hidden payment involved in their business. Metro Car Removals is the ultimate option if you make yourself free from all complicated tasks of car disposal & ownership cancellation.