Common Mistakes First Time Car Buyers Make

Common Mistakes First Time Car Buyers Make
Posted on 12th, May 20

Are you facing roadblocks in buying your first car in Adelaide? Obviously yes!! Buying a new car is a complicated process. First-time car buyer has to consider many factors before finalizing the deal such as- where to buy & how to pay for the car. Whether your car is really worthy or not.

The bad first-time car experience can cost you thousands of dollars and also may lead to affect the financial stability for years. Therefore, we have come up with the list of mistakes you should as a first-time car buyer. Moreover, this blog makes your car experience awesome.

Here, a Look at the Common Mistakes Made by the First-Time Car Buyer with their Solution

Don’t Just Stick to Closest Dealer-

  • There might be lots of used & new car dealers in your locality and therefore, you have multiple options to select one out of them. Right!! Make sure never to stick to the closest dealer or the one which is recommended by your relatives or friends.
  • Solution– Do proper research rather than sticking to the nearest one!!
  • Never forget to do enough research to find the best deal because you have several options where you can find real information regarding the vehicle such as check on online websites, review sites, customer experience, financing options, sale offers, and the reputation of the dealer.

“New Car is better & worthy”- The Biggest Myth in the Mind of People

  • There is a perception in the mind of people that “The New is Always Better”!! But this is totally a wrong preception in your mind. Always remember the new car will cost you more in terms of future depreciation, highly insurance coverage and many more.
  • Solution – Go for used cars also!!
  • Now let me clear you why should you go option used/old cars? As the old or used car is already depreciated and cause less future depreciation although it requires less expense and less insurance coverage too. One of the best part of the used car- If it has covered even over 60,000 or 1,00,000 miles then, it is expected to have a long life. In addition, there are also lots of affordable new cars. You can also prefer that.

Don’t Buy a Used Car Based on its Outer Feel

  • People usually buy the used car based on its outer feel. But don’t fall in this ever!!
  • Solution– Get a used car to inspect by your mechanic!!
  • If you impressed by the car as love at first sight, you would surely waste your thousands of the dollar on an unworthy car. Make sure to take test-driving meetings & try to take your mechanic with you. If you feel good only after test-drive meeting then, buy the used car otherwise don’t go for that.

Don’t Prefer For Zero-Down-Payment Offer

  • The dealer often tries to attract the car buyer through financing options such as- Low monthly payments or zero-down-payments. PLEASE!! Don’t ever fall in their trap. As these are just the ways of dealers to hide the true cost of the car and hiding the overall running cost.
  • For example– You also have to bear out the car insurance, interest payment, regular reflecting cost, and repair & car maintenance schedule apart from the car payment. It will make you disturb financially.
  • Solution– Considered your entire Budget and then plan

No Test-Driving Meetings

  • Once you decided to buy the car make sure to have a test-drive meeting. Never avoid this mistake as this is a most important point while buying the new or old car. No conducting of test-driving meetings may lead to the loss of thousands of dollars.

The Bottom Line!!

Here, we end up with the most common mistakes of first-time car buyer in Adelaide. In this manner, you can easily avoid these mistakes while buying the car. Don’t forget to analysis these mistakes!!