How to Know How Much Value to Ask for Your Used Car

How to Know How Much Value to Ask for Your Used Car
Posted on 27th, Jul 21

If you have a used car that you no longer need, there are several ways to get rid of it. You can sell it privately, donate it, trade it in at the dealership or gift it to someone. The majority of people think that a purchased car has some significant financial investment & you want to make efforts to get the highest cash possible when they are trying to sell it. In this situation, people often have the misconception that private sales would be better. But It comes with lots of tedious tasks i.e. Scheduling test-drives meetings with strangers, listing ads of your used cars online, repairing & promotional expenses. The sale story doesn’t end here only; however, it also has some other work to do. But if you still want to go for this option, you should know all ins & outs of deciding the best worth of your second-hand car.

Being not an expert car salesperson, it becomes complicated for people to set the advertised price. The value of the second-hand vehicle depends on a handful of factors including i.e.

  • The features and options in the car
  • Physical appearance & Condition of the car
  • The Current Mileage Covered Up
  • The Market Demand of your Make or Model
  • Car’s mechanical condition

Let’s Check Out the Way to set the price for your used car to get the Top Cash

  • Consider the Car’s Trade-In Value-

    When it comes to selling the used car, you have to compare your car’s trade-in value at the dealership. By doing so, you get to know the vehicle’s approximate worth. Get Your Vehicle appraised by a car dealer & before going to them, make sure to clean your entire car & take out all the personal contents. But the drawback of this option is that you might have to pay a small fee for a car appraisal if you are not willing to sell the car to the dealership. Moreover, you can also visit for your car’s value. By entering the car’s particular details i.e., year, make, model, and accurate mileage, you will get the car’s quotation.

  • Determine the fair market value-

    Several online tools help you to determine the fair market value of your used vehicle. itself has the best vehicle value system which discloses the price that you have to ask in the market.

  • Compare With Similar Vehicle listings-

    You can Compare your used car’s price With Similar Vehicle listings by using common sites and But make sure to look at the cars near your location & the models that are 1 year older or newer than yours, in case there are fewer listings. In last, you can have a comparison on 5-7 comparable vehicle listings. This way, you can average out their advertised prices & set a starting price point for your car.

  • Set The Advertised Price-

    It’s completely up to you as you are free to decide the advertised price is higher or lower. However, the advertised price largely depends on the condition of your vehicle.

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