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  • Fast and streamlined car removals in Rostrevor
  • Receive immediate cash for unwanted vehicles
  • Simple, sustainable car disposal methods
  • Certified and insured car towing professionals
  • We serve Rostrevor and nearby regions

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Easy And Efficient Car Removal Rostrevor At Your Doorstep

Metro Car Removals provides fast car removal service across Rostrevor. We buy unwanted cars for cash and remove them for free. Our company accepts all types of cars without charging any fees. If you are also looking for a car removals Restrevor, give us a call at 0459 594 368.

We quickly respond to discuss your car removal needs. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, providing a fair and competitive price for your vehicle. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped to handle the removal of your car with the utmost care and efficiency.

Moreover, you will receive top cash for your unwanted cars at our company. Our responsible car removal ensures that your write-off or accidental vehicle is discarded in eco-friendly ways.

Car Removals Rostrevor

Easy 3-Step Solution To Sell Old Unwanted Cars



Our customer service representatives are available on call 24×7. Give us a call at 0459 594 368 and give us a few details about your car. We will draw up an estimate and make you an offer on the spot.



If you accept the offer, we will schedule the free removal of your car at your convenience. Our agents have access to all locations in South Australia. We assure you that your car will be located within 24 hours of you accepting our offer.

Payment in cash


Our service team will arrive at your location at the designated time. But before we tow your old unwanted car away, you will be paid fully in cash on the spot.

Sell Your Car For Removal

Selling your car for removal is an excellent way to free up space and earn cash from a vehicle that is no longer needed or beyond repair. Our service offers a stress-free solution to sell your car for removal, ensuring you get a fair price and efficient service. Whether your car has been sitting idle, is damaged, or is outdated, we provide a convenient way to turn your car into cash.

Our process begins with a simple call or online inquiry. You provide details about your vehicle – its make, model, year, and condition. Our team of experts evaluate your car and offer you a competitive quote, reflecting the best possible value for your vehicle. This evaluation is done with transparency and honesty, ensuring you receive a fair and attractive offer.

Some of Our Top Notch Services Include



Sell old unwanted cars of all makes, models, ages, and conditions for top cash within 24 hours anywhere in Adelaide.

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If your car was involved in an accident and is lying immobile somewhere, give us a call right now and get a tow anywhere in Adelaide.

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Truck Salvage Adelaide provides you the maximum payout of up to $13,000 on the spot.

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cash for cars


Cash for cars is a service that offers to buy unwanted vehicles for top dollar in make a call and book an appointment with us.

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Our yards host the most reliable auto parts suitable for all major car brands. Get in touch now to buy used auto parts…

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Metro Car Removals offers top cash deals on Trucks of all makes and models. Get in touch to receive an instant offer for your truck.

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Want to clear out space in your driveway, reach out to us!

Why Choose Metro Car Removals

Besides top cash deals and eco-friendly car removals, here are a few other reasons why you should sell old unwanted cars to car removals Company:


    Our car removal services are completely free of cost. We do not impose charges on removing unwanted cars from any location in South Australia. We schedule removals at your convenience.


    We handle everything from documentation to towing the car away for you. The burden of handling the entire process is on us, not on you.


    Our economics work in your favor. We ensure that the process of selling unwanted cars doesn’t take a toll on your wallet. We offer the most affordable car removal services and offer top cash for all types of cars in return.


    Our teams are well-trained to dispose of old unwanted cars. Our customer service representatives are available on call 24×7. We will be with you to assist you at every step

metro car removals

We Buy All Popular & Non-Popular Brands


Competitive Cash Offers For Your Scrap Car

We understand that getting rid of a scrap car can be more than just a task. Our professionals specialize in providing competitive cash offers for your scrap cars. We focus on ensuring that you, as a car owner, receive the best possible return for your vehicle, no matter its condition.

Moreover, we believe in making the process of car removals Rostrevor as beneficial for our customers as possible. Whether your car has reached the end of its life, been damaged beyond repair, or you simply want to clear out space in your driveway, our team is ready to provide you with a fair cash offer.

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Athelstone is a suburb of Adelaide in the City of Campbelltown. It was established in the 19th century but only became part of suburban Adelaide in the second half of the 20th century. It is approximately 10 km east of Adelaide’s central business district.It is approximately 10 km east of Adelaide’s central business district. The main arterial road, Gorge Road, runs through this suburb in an east–west direction. The River Torrens, one of Adelaide’s major water supplies, borders the suburb. This water source runs its way from Mount Pleasant to the sea. Gorge Road leads up into the Adelaide Hills, joining the gorge of the Kangaroo Creek Dam, and the Torrens’ source. Fifth Creek (a tributary to the River Torrens) also runs through the suburb as an intermittent stream, prone to flooding in late Spring (October–December). Wikipedia

Population: 9,601
Established:  1852
Postcode(s):  5076

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Eco-Friendly Car Disposal Solutions

Our service provides a sustainable and responsible way to dispose of old, damaged, or unwanted cars. When disposing of cars, we ensure that the environmental impact is minimized. We are committed to an eco-friendly approach that aligns with the growing need for green practices in every aspect of our lives, including the disposal of vehicles.

Moreover, our eco-friendly car disposal process starts with an in-depth evaluation of your vehicle to determine which parts can be salvaged and reused. Reusing parts extends the life of valuable automotive components and reduces the need for new parts manufacturing. This, in turn, lessens the environmental footprint. We work carefully to salvage usable parts like engines, transmissions, tires, and batteries, all of which can be refurbished and repurposed.

Free Towing and Stress-Free Car Removals

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FAQ Metro Car Removals

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: Yes, we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. Contact us to arrange a time that suits you best.

A: We offer convenient payment options, including cash on the spot, direct bank transfers, or checks upon request.

A: We also provide car scrapping services for non-running or severely damaged vehicles.

A: We are committed to minimizing environmental impact by employing eco-friendly car removal techniques and recycling salvaged materials.

A: We also provide car scrapping services for non-running or severely damaged vehicles.

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